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Tue Jun 8 00:58:19 UTC 2004

Rodrigo Gonçalves wrote:

> Hi,
> has anyone been working on the GLORP port? The latest one in SqueakMap 
> is 0.2.34, which is very old.
> []'s
> Rodrigo

Radislov and I have been discussing just this topic.  Radislov did a 
0.3.22 port some time ago (email him at rh at for the port).  I 
started on a 0.3.63 port a few days ago, and it turned into more work 
than I wanted to tackle at the moment. 

This is what I told Radislov a day or so ago:

...the later versions of Glorp are getting more and more tightly tied to 
underlying VisualWorks facilities -- a bunch of little snafu's like: use 
of the VW-specific ExternalDatabaseAnswerStream, use of VW-specific 
OrderedCollection protocol, use of cursors in a VW EXDI-specific manner, 

A lot of the underlying dependent code just files right out of VW and 
right into Squeak.  But, the license on such "copied" code is where the 
rub is.  We legally can't be copying code out of VW and inserting it 
into Squeak that way.

So, to be quite honest, I'm on the verge of ditching Glorp for our site.  But I could be easily swayed either way at this 
point in time.


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