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Tue Jun 8 05:49:12 UTC 2004

Recent fixes for 3.7beta.  Quite a few fixes harvested here, so I'm
going to wait ~4 days to "let the bits settle", and then incorporate any
final few fixes and move to 3.7gamma/3.8alpha.  Any fixes at this point
should only be critical fixes for recently introduced bugs, or trivially
simple fixes.

- Doug


5924BrowserNewInit-rhi -- Robert Hirschfeld -- 12 May 2004
Removes an explicit and unnecessary send of initialize already performed
by the new-initialize pattern introduced in 3.7."

5925TimeProfileBrowser-rhi -- Robert Hirschfeld -- 13 May 2004
The selection of the second line after **GCs** causes an exception to be
signaled. This change set avoids that. A workaround rather than a

5926ObjectsToolResizeFix-nk -- Ned Konz -- 1 May 2004
This makes the Objects tool resize itself to be long enough to show all
of the buttons on each page.


5928PluralStrings-ccn -- Chris Norton -- 19 January 2000
OK.  You could say that this is a silly crusade, but I like my Squeak
messages to be in proper English (at least when the language you're
using is English).  
I was messing around with the HangMan file-in and I got a walkback that
had the following title:  'Error: HangManPhrases classs are not
indexable'.  I just couldn't stand the extra 's' on 'class', so I
created a nifty new String method called asPlural and I modified the
sender of the odd string to use the new String modifier.  Take it or
leave it, but I think this makes auto-generated text just a little
easier to read."

5929ContextJumpCleanup-ajh -- Anthony Hannan -- 20 May 2004
Cleans up context jump and return code a little. There is now only one
#jump command (#jumpTop is removed)."


5931FatBitsPaintMenuFix-nk -- Ned Konz -- 18 April 2004
Fixes a problem with the 'Tools' and 'Selection' menus in the

5932MoreEfficientMenuDecor-nk -- Ned Konz -- 1 May 2004
The menus were being decorated by recursing down through every submenu
for every possible icon.
This change set makes the menu decoration much more efficient by only
decorating menus that are actually being shown, and by using a
dictionary of translated strings to find the icons.
It also eliminates a double call of the translation of the active
scripting elements in setNaturalLanguageTo:.

5933DeprecatedRemoveSel-rhi -- Robert Hirschfeld -- 27 May 2004
Behavior>>removeSelectorSimply: was deprecated in
KCP-0170-CompilerProtocolRefactoring. This change set adjusts its
senders to use basicRemoveSelector: instead."

5934InspectorExplorer-rhi -- Robert Hirschfeld -- 27 May 2004
Inspector did not react appropriately and ObjectExplorer not at all to
command keys indicated in their respective menus..."

5935KeyboardNavHelp-laza -- Alexander at Lazarevic.de -- 6 May 2004
Add a short balloon help to MenuMorph for keyboard navigation"

5936MessageTallyZeroDiv-spfa -- Stephane Rollandin -- 1 June 2004
Avoid a ZeroDivide error when spying on a very fast block.
MessageTally spyOn: [1+1]

5937menuItemMorphFix -- Karl Ramberg -- 16 May 2004
This small fix put a two pixel space between the menu icons."

5938AddMouseUpTranslated-gm -- German Morales -- 25 April 2004
Just a #translated in Morph>addMouseUpAction.
Good for small-land and other translated images.

5939MultipleEmph-yo -- Yoshiki Ohshima -- 27 May 2004
An attempt to fix the handling of multiple text attributes."

5940sendersOfKeyBugFix-wiz -- Jerome Peace (wiz) -- 16 May 2004
Bugfix. Method was sending browseAllCallsOn:
to Smalltalk which as a SysDic didn't understand it. SysNav default is
the proper receiver."

5941registeredFlapsQuadsAt-mu -- Masashi Umezawa -- 24 May 2004
Flaps>>registeredFlapsQuadsAt: assumes (self environment at: className)
returns nil.
It is apparently wrong. This patch checks class existence using



5944WindowLabelLayoutFix-nk -- Ned Konz -- 2 June 2004
Fixes a window layout problem that caused white lines in the label area.


5946explainInstFix-5905 -- Tim -- 4 June 2004
Whilst attempting an 'explain' on an instvar of NewParagraph, it seems
#browseAllAccessesTo: is not implemented. This appears to be still more
fallout from the KCP stuff since #browseAllAccessesTo:from: is
implemented and used.
Most likely the solution is to change the ParagraphEditor>explainInst:
method. Possible version attached."

5947FileListFileOpenFix-nk -- Ned Konz -- 29 April 2004
Fixes the FileList so it doesn't open files unless you choose an action
requiring a file to be opened.
v2 makes it possible for the services to be used from the ArchiveViewer
(using the companion ServicesInArchiveViewer-nk changset).
(Removed StringHolder>>browserVersions from this changeset, it caused
bugs when browsing versions because 'self class isPseudoSelector: ...'
may not be the MessageSet class, which is the only implementor of
isPseudoSelector:. -dew)

5948ServicesArchiveViewer-nk -- Ned Konz -- 29 April 2004
Adds the FileList services to the member context menu in the
For some of the services (those taking a filename instead of a stream)
this requires actually extracting the appropriate member into a
temporary directory.
This directory will be removed when you quit.

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