[ENH] reposted: new String modifier: String>>asPlural

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at rnid.org.uk
Tue Jun 8 08:47:57 UTC 2004

> >>> "goran.krampe at bluefish.se" 06/08/04 09:12 >>>
> Julian Fitzell <julian at beta4.com> wrote:
> > Hmm... I should have posted this earlier since this ENH just got
> > included, but does anyone else find the selector #asPlural
> problematic?>
>     I always think of #as... specifying a new class and there
> is no Plural>
>   class.  I'd suggest something more like #pluralized (though
> then we get>
>   into the debate of whether to use an S or a Z :) ).

I recently had an argument with a friend who is as pedantic as I. I
maintained that S is the One True Way and Z a heathen American invention.
Unfortunately, he blew my argument out of the water with this link:


Thus, unfortunately, I had to admit crimson, shame-faced defeat - Z is
perfectly correct on both sides of the pond. At least for words like
"pluralise". I know, I know - there dies a perfect opportunity for a flame


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