LGPL(S) (was Re: GLORP)

radoslav hodnicak rh at 4096.sk
Tue Jun 8 09:12:28 UTC 2004

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004 goran.krampe at bluefish.se wrote:

> That is actually a rather interesting addendum. As many of us recall
> Andrew Greenberg has repeatedly argued that GPL/LGPL don't fit into the
> image centric world of Smalltalk. Even though the text doesn't sound
> very "legalese" I assume Cincom has had lawyers look it over.
> Interesting that they still use it. I can only guess that it is a way to
> "ride" on the popular LGPL license, even though the logical move would
> perhaps have been to craft a license that *does* work in a Smalltalk
> world.

Don't be paranoid. The origin of LGPL goes way back when Glorp development
started at Object People, changing the license now would require only
slightly less effort than to change squeak's license.

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