[BUG] BFAV breaks AppRegistry functionality (can't send messages using MAPIClient)

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at rnid.org.uk
Tue Jun 8 15:28:48 UTC 2004

> >>> "Magistrello Alejandro" 06/08/04 01:35 >>>
> hi!,
> BFAV modifies changeset to use DecentReviewerNotePad, thus, for those
> dependents in the default MailSender (i use MAPIClient) is
> difficult to send
> a reviewed mail.

To be more specific, wouldn't you say that the problem lies with BFAV's
MailMessage>>send which directly references SMTPClient?

(To spare you grubbing in the image, this is what it says (re-indented):

    self breakLines.
    SMTPClient deliverMailFrom: MailSender userName
      to: self toList
      text: self text
      usingServer:  MailSender smtpServer.

So (from a brief glance at AppRegistry/MailSender) we want to do something

    self breakLines.
    "Do extra stuff?"
    MailSender sendMessage: self


Then I think SMTPClient needs to implement #sendMessage: as well...


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