final VMMaker release

Stephan Rudlof sr at
Tue Jun 8 18:22:38 UTC 2004


I'm missing the class comment for LargeIntegersPlugin.

Best would be a bit patience, I'm planning to release an updated
LargeIntegers v1.4 soon (without semantic change).

One further problem:
Is it really good to separate the LargeIntegerPluginTest from the plugin
code? Normally it is exact the right thing to check if a build has been
successful... And people trying to build plugins themselves normally
should have an interest for testing them, isn't it? Note: the problem of
having further dependencies of LargeIntegerPluginTest from other tools
can currently be tackled by just leaving the tests which needs them
automatically out, if they are missing; so this is a no brainer.


Tim Rowledge wrote:
> The recent fixes to LargeInteger plugin and primitiveYield are now in
> the VMMaker3-7b5.sar available from SM. It has been tested on my RISC
> OS machine and is now ready to be tested on the other platforms.
> This is intended to be the final release of VMMaker. 
> tim
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