Problem with update 5947 changes to SimpleServiceEntry and BFAV2

Doug Way dway at
Tue Jun 8 22:54:38 UTC 2004

Ken Causey wrote:

>Well, I started updating PatchArchiveAttachment and thought I was
>getting close.  But then I realized how many readers there are in the
>image and how many of them will need changes to work in this new model. 
>And this changeset clearly does not provide all of those changes.  While
>I was working on this Goran was working in IRC with a user that wanted
>Marcus' German translations.  Lo and behold, Language files can't be
>loaded with FileList.  I'm thinking (and Goran agrees( that maybe this
>one (and 5948?) need to be retracted until 5.8alpha.

Okay, if language files and a lot of other things still need to be fixed 
with Ned's new model, then we probably should revert these changes and 
save them for 3.8alpha, since we are late in 3.7beta now.

We could go back to Andreas' simpler fix (which Goran had approved) to 
fix the "can't delete .cs files in the FileList" problem for 3.7beta, 
which I assume causes less breakage.

- Doug

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