Problem with update 5947 changes to SimpleServiceEntry and BFAV2

Ned Konz ned at
Wed Jun 9 00:42:12 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 08 June 2004 4:18 pm, goran.krampe at wrote:

> 1. 5947 modified MenuMorph>>lastItem so that
> Project>>chooseNaturalLanguage doesn't work (help->set language...).
> 2. We don't know about language files - that was a wrong conclusion
> after fast IRCing.
> Sure, the lastItem thing is simple to fix - but are these changes
> necessary this late in the game?

I am a bit baffled about what exactly was supposed to have been broken. I 
think there may be a bit of overreaction here.

The extent of the change was that the clients of the FileList services (of 
which there are only about three, as far as I know -- the FileList itself, 
the ArchiveViewer, and the BFAV) would have to provide three methods.

fullName (returns a String with the full filename)
dirAndFileName (returns {directory. fileName})
readOnlyStream (returns an open read-only stream)

And I provided these as well, missing only dirAndFileName in the BFAV. Which 
after all isn't in the image, but I did at least post a change set to help 
update the BFAV code. Unless someone tried to open a '.pr' file from the 
BFAV, they wouldn't have noticed this. If this wasn't the problem with the 
BFAV, I'd be interested to know what the problem was.

I posted a fix for the MenuMorph problem with #chooseNaturalLanguage.

I posted a fix for the missing dirAndFileName method in the BFAV.

What else is wrong?

Ned Konz

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