BFAV2 Server temporarily broken

Ned Konz ned at
Wed Jun 9 05:25:02 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 08 June 2004 4:11 pm, Ken Causey wrote:
> The link to the full mbox file for the -dev list doesn't seem
> to be where I expect it 

I can send you this if you'd like.

You can get the per-month pieces from

> and there never was a public one for the 
> -harvest list.

Do you need more than what is available from

If you can deal with these, you can use a simple script like this to 
reconstruct the mailboxes:


lists="squeak-harvest squeak-dev"
for list in $lists
	wget -r -l 0 -A '*.txt' -np http://${url}/${base}/${list}/index.html 
	cat $(ls -1tr ${url}/${base}/${list}/*.txt) > ${list}.mbox

Ned Konz

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