Problem with update 5947 changes to SimpleServiceEntry and BFAV2

Ken Causey ken at
Wed Jun 9 16:20:08 UTC 2004

OK, I have to apologize, this turns out to have been a tempest in a

As Goran said I was frustrated and annoyed that another harvesting party
was occurring and that harvesting in the usual method wasn't possible. 
While digging into the problem I got my head turned around and thought
of BFAV2 as being yet another service among the list of services and
since BFAV2 needed updates to handle the changes in update 5947 I jumped
to the conclusion that some if not most of the other services would need
changes as well.  In the light of a new morning I now realize that I had
that backward and instead BFAV2 is a consumer of services along with
FileList (and FileList2) and the list of consumers is fairly short I
think.  I'm reasonably confident now that at least as far as the changes
to SimpleServiceEntry in update 5947 are concerned that the impact is
minimal and probably limited to FileList and FileList2 (for which Ned
has provided updates) and BFAV2 (for which Ned has also provided a
partial list of updates only missing readOnlyStream which is easily
remedied).  I can't at this time speak to other changes of 5947 or 5948
but it looks like Ned has any other issues well in hand.

I'm sorry to have started this thread based on assumptions and estimates
and not making that clear.

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