How to return array keys into another array

Jarvis, Robert P. (Bob) (Contingent) bob.jarvis at
Thu Jun 10 18:26:16 UTC 2004

a := Array with: 'free' with: 'reserved' with: 'free' with: 'reserved'.
a2 := ((1 to: a size) inject: OrderedCollection new into: [ :oc :i | (a at:
i) = 'free' ifTrue: [ oc add: i ]. oc ]) asArray.

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Hello All 
I am quite new to smalltalk and am hoping someone can help me or point me in
the right direction as I am quite stumped by this.
I have an array with elements either being 'free' or 'reserved'.  I am
trying to get only the keys for all the element that match 'free' into a new
Thanks for your time. 

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