Celeste for Squeak 3.7b

Giovanni Giorgi jj at objectsroot.com
Thu Jun 10 21:06:56 UTC 2004

Hi all!
 I have builded a working celeste package for Squeak 3.7beta.
I have renamed two class for avoiding name clash (Categorizer and
CategorizerTest now are named CelesteCategorizer and
CelesteCategorizerTest respectively).

I have also done a small fix to CelesteCategorizer initializer, so
the CelesteCategorizerTest now are all passed successful.
The package tuns on Squeak 3.6 as well on Squeak 3.7beta.
I will continue developing on Squeak 3.7b.

I need to fix some minor problems: when no mail db
is present, you got some trouble.

Release Plan (these are only suggested date!!)
Celeste 1.23
	Will include CelesteAddressBook 1.3, because now
	you got an error if you select "addressbook" menu.
	Release date: near 20 June 2004

Celeste 1.24
	Release date: near 20 July 2004, not yet confirmed :)

When Squeak 3.7gamma is planned to pop up? :)
Comments are wellcome!!
Ciao ciao

// Giovanni Giorgi
//   http://www.siforge.org

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