[ann] IRCe updated for Squeak 3.7beta (and IRC Unit Tests)

Stephan B. Wessels swessels at cox.net
Fri Jun 11 03:37:29 UTC 2004

I've been busy recently updating the IRCe client code with a lot of 
refactoring.  There's also a new SUnit Test Suite for the IRCe client, 
including an IRC Test Sever for basic operations.

I just updated my Squeak goodies web site with new versions of these 2 
packages and am working with Frank Caggiano to get the SqueakMap 
entries updated.

The packages can be found here:
	IRCe = 
	IRCe Unit Tests = 

Here's a condensed version of the release notes for my latest version:
Added /DOCS command to open up local windows with features and release 
Added initial support for low level quoting protocol, and ctcp quoting 
protocol.  It may not ever get used, but it is a starting point for 
hopefully deploying with DCC support.  My ideal would be that an IRC 
user could send Squeak MORPHS over IRC to other Squeakers using the 
same IRC client.
Added FINGER and VERSION command support but they are not complete.
Factored IRCClientSounds and added new/modified sounds.
Added support for playing a sound when someone sends a message in a 
channel with your nick in the text.
Reduced total number of classes.  Renamed several classes.  Lots of 
Merged enhanced client behavior into standard client.
Added initialize/unload logic to work cleanly with Monticello.
Added /me support.
Fixed problems with /JOIN not opening channel browsers.
Support for basic functionality in new IRCeMorph.
Created a test server.
Added localhost as a server configuration option in profiles.
Added IRCErrorLog to handle messages that would have gone to a gui.
Added /traceon /traceoff to other slash commands: /clear, /inspect, and 
Options listed in options pane are no longer dictionary key but are now 
normal English words.
Unit tests for portions of the IRC model.
Improved management of profiles.
Improved use of IRC multicolumn panes (channels list and profiles list).
Re-established proper color list annotations for channel members.
Allow channel names to begin with letters other than just the letter #.
Cache the previous channel name to make it easier for the user.
Added a class to manage the external file/folder definitions for 
channel lists, and channel logs.  Better messages and list of channels 
in logs.
More options in setup panes.  Rewrite of much of the setup dialog 
Included portion of BNF document for protocol messages as a workspace 
that can be referenced.
Fixed the IPv6 bug.
Fixed problem in connection setup dialog when full name was longer than 
a certain length, the entry field displayed the value indented.  
Problem was related to improper declaration of scrollbars.

  - Steve

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