[ANN] BFAV 2.10

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at rnid.org.uk
Fri Jun 11 11:33:16 UTC 2004

I've just released BFAV 2.10.

BFAV 2.10 is a maintenance release. Some refactoring has taken place, some
tests have been added, and some bugs have been fixed. Tom & I would like to
thank (in no particular order)
* Ned Konz
* Tim Rowledge
* Ken Causey
* Brent Vukmer
* Doug Way
* Avi Bryant
* Marcelo Cortez

for their comments, recommendations, bugfixes and help.

The files are up on the SqueakMap server (what's the usual place to put

I've upgraded my own image using the release so I think I didn't mess
anything up.


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