[ENH] reposted: new String modifier: String>>asPlural

Peter van Rooijen peter at vanrooijen.com
Fri Jun 11 14:15:55 UTC 2004

Alexander Lazarevic wrote:

> I think asPlural adds a stumbling block on the way to a fully localized
> squeak. The only use of asPlural by now is in Object errorNotIndexable:
> 	self error: self class name asPlural , ' are not indexable'

Does anyone else feel that just because we *can* extend base classes 
such as String with all kinds of logic, that doesn't mean we *have* to?

The concept here seems to me to be "plural".

So, why not make a class to represent it, and get:

Plural of: self class name

This allows for other classes than String, such as Symbol, to be handled 
too, and for a class comment in Plural that explains what the class does 
and why, and some guidelines for how to use it, and for subclasses, and 
so many other benefits. And it doesn't clutter up String with the 
*logic* for pluralizing (I don't see much harm in giving it a method 
#pluralForm as a convenience method).



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