[ANN] "Pure" Ogg-Vorbis decoder

Russell Penney russell.penney at tincanct.com
Sat Jun 12 08:49:35 UTC 2004

Oh yes it would indeed!!!!
During the decode of the packet, lots of work is done on arrays of floats.
Without changing the decoder to integer only, everything is stored in floats
until the last step.

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> On Jun 11, 2004, at 7:54 PM, Russell Penney wrote:
> > What are the benefits of FloatArray?
> It has prims for arithmetic operations - so if you're doing vector
> addition with floats, say, it should be quite a bit faster.  It also
> takes less memory if you have large numbers of floats, since floats are
> immediate values within the array.  But apart from noticing that you do
> use arrays of floats, I haven't looked at the Ogg code enough to really
> know if those things would help.

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