How did Alan's Turing Award go?

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Sat Jun 12 19:00:24 UTC 2004

Thanks Dan!

I've started to annotate the visuals and will make the short 
acknowledgements speech available sometime this summer.

The funny thing about Maria's three fingers is that I had no idea 
what she meant by them, but I had a very deep feeling that saying 
"three" would be bad. As it was, I think the thanks took about 10 




At 10:27 AM -0700 6/11/04, Dan Ingalls wrote:
>  Glenn Ehrlich  asked...
>>Did anyone attend Alan's Turing Award banquet?
>>Was there a lecture, if so, any links to it?
>Alan did give a brief (*) talk in his inimitable style, giving 
>credit to the many people who have inspired and supported him.  It 
>was from the heart and he received a standing ovation at the end. 
>To the best of my knowledge the talk is not available on-line.
>Note that the official "Turing Lecture" will be delivered as a 
>precursor event to OOPSLA (Alan's choice) this October. Turing 
>Lectures are not the same as, and not delivered at the same event 
>as, the acceptance speech.
>	- Dan
>PS:  This is turning out to be THE year for our fearless leader.  I 
>just heard that he has today been named "Laureate" (in the Advanced 
>Technology category) by the Inamori Foundation and will receive the 
>2004 Kyoto Prize.  See
>(*)  Maria Klawe, ACM president, was Master of Ceremonies. 
>Regarding the time allotted for his acceptance speech, she said she 
>held up three fingers and asked, "Alan, how many fingers am I 
>holding up?" to which Alan responded, "about fifteen."    ;-)


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