VMMaker build for WinCE

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Sat Jun 12 22:39:19 UTC 2004

"Alejandro F. Reimondo" <aleReimondo at smalltalking.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> VMMaker has recently deleted (without asking) all my files
>  and work of the last two weeks of port of Sq3.6.2
>  under PocketPC2003. :-(
This is very bad - I'm sorry it happened to you. Consider it as another
reminder to find ways to do backups.

It absolutely should not have been possible; the only deleting that
VMMAker does is when you press the 'clean out' button. That is supposed
to delete the 'src' tree, ie the code that VMMaker itself generates.
The exception to this is for windows, where it deosn't delete anything
because of the directory structure Andreas wanted to use; VMMaker
generates code in the same place as the platorms/win32 tree, apparently
something to do with the windows make tool being unable to nicely
handle the more common tree used by everyone else. So, VMMaker doesn't
delete anything when working on windows - at least it shouldn't. See
the implementations of VMMaker>delete* for details.

If you can make time, please try to make up a junk platform tree (just
grab whatever from Sourceforge is probably simplest) and see what
happens when you use the 'clean out' button. If it is actually wiping
files from the platorms tree then something odd is going on that we need
to fix.

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