Squeak on IPAQ (what can I do with the pen?)

Kenneth Johnsen kennethjohnsen at mail.dk
Sun Jun 13 14:15:49 UTC 2004

I'm fairly new to Squeak, and after playing around with the Windows 
version, I decided to try it on my IPAQ.

I tried the Tiny-Squeak image, but finally settled on something called 
mini.image, cause it runs much faster (I only need it for playing around 
with classes and maybe having a few computation routines on my IPAQ).

What I can't figure out, is exactly how the pen works.

What I figured out so far:

Tapping is left button.
Ctrl pressed on the keyboard, and tapping, gets me a window menu.
Tapping near the left edge of a frame, gives me a menu with the "do it" 
and such stuff.

Sometimes, though, I seem to grab the edge of some frame, and it's like 
I can't let it go. Tapping different places on the screen resizes the 
frame, until finally, after many taps, it works like a normal click again.

I have searched the Swiki for documentation and descriptions, but didn't 
find much.

Any pointer?


Kenneth Johnsen.

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