[FIX] [BUG] downShiftBugFix-wiz (sm)

Peace Jerome peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 14:21:49 UTC 2004


When I tried the second example:
"#Will withFirstCharacterDownshifted"

it raised an error.  Should symbol respond true to

This bugfix simply avoids the question. 

The good news is it probably does not add significant
overhead since the bug has not been found before."!

!String methodsFor: 'converting' stamp: 'wiz 6/12/2004
	"Answer an object like the receiver but with first
character downshifted 
	if necesary"
	"'MElViN' withFirstCharacterDownshifted"
	"#Will withFirstCharacterDownshifted"
	| answer |
	self isEmpty
		ifTrue: [^ self].
	"answer := self isString 
	ifTrue: ["
	"don't change receiver"
	self copy] 
	ifFalse: [self asString]. 
	this is wrong because symbol isString is true."
	answer := self copy asString.
	answer at: 1 put: (answer at: 1) asLowercase.
	^ self isString
		ifTrue: [answer]
		ifFalse: [answer as: self class]! !

gziped chageset of fix attached.

Yours in service,
Jerome Peace

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