Is SM server down?

Ken Causey ken at
Sun Jun 13 22:50:22 UTC 2004

It's working fine for me currently.  Of course you can always test it
yourself in a web browser by going to  Also as far as the server itself
go this is the same system as the BFAV2
server, although SM also relies on a Squeak process that needs to be
running on that server.


On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 16:17, Thomas Koenig wrote:
> Trying to install BFAVInstaller 2.10 into a clean 3.7b 5948 image, I get
> the following error
> Syntax Error
> UndefinedObject as yet unclassified error
> error occured retrieving http:Argument expected
> ->//
> d54519641/files/ Server
> is not responding
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