VMMaker build for WinCE

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Mon Jun 14 00:35:41 UTC 2004

"Alejandro F. Reimondo" <aleReimondo at smalltalking.net> wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> Yes, the "clean out" button is the cause of deleting the files.
> The addition of a warning/question previous to deletion can be sufficient.
Oh dear; this sounds like a clash somewhere. What is in the 'platform'
text morph when you use it for building wince stuff? If it is 'win32'
then the delete really, really shouldn't happen. If it is something
else, then the delete can happen but the platform filetree should be
completely separate from the src filetree and there should be no

I have no idea how the wince build is set up; Yoshiki is probably the
only expert on that. What is the arrangement Yoshiki?

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