[UPDATES] 6 for Squeak3.7beta

dway at mailcan.com dway at mailcan.com
Mon Jun 14 06:23:59 UTC 2004

Last batch for 3.7beta (barring any major bugfixes appearing).  I still
need to put together a 3.7gamma candidate image before putting out the
update to offer the choice to move to 3.7gamma/3.8alpha.

- Doug


5949recreateFlaps -- Marcus Denker -- 9 June 2004
Try opening a new morphic project: The flaps will be
This changeset just executes Language recreateFlaps
in the postscript to rebuild the Flaps "

5950MCZInstFileList-nk -- Ned Konz -- 8 June 2004
Fixes a problem in the MczInstaller in the image where the MczInstaller
will offer its services for every file, not just .mcz files.
This presents a confusing and broken 'Load' button on every file.

5951FileListOpenFixRepair-nk -- Ned Konz -- 8 June 2004
This fix for the update 5947FileListFileOpenFix-nk fixes the breakage to
It also provides for an argumentGetter to be used with an extraSelector
that takes more than one argument, though there are none at present.
And it adds to the SimpleServiceEntry comment.

5952UndeclaredExplain-nk -- Ned Konz -- 10 June 2004
This fixes the explanation of how to view an undeclared variable
reference to use
SystemNavigation new as is now required.

5953StandardSystemFonts-bp -- Bernhard Pieber -- 13 June 2004
This ChangeSet fixes Preferences class>>restoreDefaultFonts. When the
Apple fonts were replaced by the Accufonts this method should have been 
changed as well.
An additional menu item for printing the default fonts 
has been added. The ChangeSet also includes an SUnit TestCase."

5954BrowserDragFixes-nk -- Ned Konz -- 13 June 2004
Fixes the following problems in the Browser (described in ID 22424,
22276, 22260, 6085, 20158, 3498):
* drag from the class list with no class selected results in dragging
'nil'. Things break when this is dropped on them.
* drag from the class list to the class category list is broken.
* drag from the method list with no method selected drags
* drag an uncategorized method from the method list to another empty
class in the same browser results in a syntax error
* dragging was inconsistent: in class lists if you have one class
selected and mouse down on another, the selected class is dragged, while
in method lists you drag the item you started dragging on.
This changes the policy as follows:
	* dragging requires selection
	* the dragged item is always the selection
This allows a model to answer nil as the dragPassenger; if it does, then
the drag will not be initiated.
Also fixes the inability to drag from a MessageSet (ID 8265).

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