beginners question: Connectors in a window

Daria Spescha daria.spescha at
Mon Jun 14 09:36:58 UTC 2004

I have a problem: I want to have some Morphs in a Window and connect
them with connectors. I want the connector to be also in the window, but
with „window addMorph: connector“ (see code below)  the connector is
opened in the world, not in the window and when I close the window, the
connector remains there. How can I add the connector to the window? 
Thank you!
b _ NCTextRectangleMorph new setTextAt: 1 to: 'Hello'.
d _ NCTextRectangleMorph new setTextAt: 1 to: 'World'.
con _ NCConnectorMorph fromMorph: b toMorph: d. 
c _ SystemWindow new.
c openInWorld.
c addMorph: b.
b position: (c position) + (30 at 30).
c addMorph: d.
d position: (c position) + (50 at 50).
c addMorph: con.
Daria Spescha
Informatikdienste der Universität Bern
Gesellschaftsstrasse 6
3012 Bern
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