[UPDATES] 6 for Squeak3.7beta

Ned Konz ned at squeakland.org
Mon Jun 14 17:21:28 UTC 2004

On Sunday 13 June 2004 11:23 pm, dway at mailcan.com wrote:
> Last batch for 3.7beta (barring any major bugfixes appearing).  I still
> need to put together a 3.7gamma candidate image before putting out the
> update to offer the choice to move to 3.7gamma/3.8alpha.

I would also recommend these recent fixes. Could you look at them?

[FIX][BUG]RuleDate code has two Undeclareds ( [er] )
which removes two undeclared refs (there's still quite a few more!)

[BUG][FIX] PostscriptCharacterScanner DNU #setAlignment: ( [er] here's a more complete fix )
Fixes Postscript printing of text with alignment; also fixes printing of Stack/Book morphs

[FIX] DropDeleteFix-nk
Avoids some annoying and hard-to-diagnose problems.
Not a complete fix, as Andreas has pointed out, but harmless.

And the bits are still warm on these two, but I'd recommend them as well:

[ENH][FIX] RespectUseFileList2Pref-nk
We have a Preference that is ignored in several places.

[FIX] FileList2VolMenuFix-nk
Brings back the FileList2 volume menu.
Makes it update correctly when adding or removing directories.

Ned Konz

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