what class for popup menu?

Martin Kuball MartinKuball at web.de
Mon Jun 14 17:55:05 UTC 2004

Am Sunday 13 June 2004 20:26 schrieb Boris Gaertner:
> "Martin Kuball" <MartinKuball at web.de> wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I would like to use some popup menus (like the world menu) in a
> > small application I'm developing.  I asked myself what class
> > should I use? I browsed the available classes and found a lot of
> > candidates, like MenuMorph, PopUpMorph, CustumMenu, etc.
> > Now it would be really nice if somebody can tell me about the
> > pros and cons of each class - or just recommend one.
> There is no best choice - every kind of a menu has its special
> features. Try all these in a morphic project:
> [ ]
> As to PopUpMorph, MenuMorph, MenuItemMorph,
> MenuLineMorph, I think these are implementation details
> that are unimportant for application development.

Thanks for the explanations. MenuMorph is used directyl in many 
places. PopUpMorph and co. seems to have their roots in some kind of 
MVC compatibility. But as their interface is much simpler than 
MenuMorph's interface they sure have their point in a pure morphic 


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