[ANN][SM][DEVEL][PLUGIN] PrimCallController 1.0

Stephan Rudlof sr at evolgo.de
Wed Jun 16 09:38:06 UTC 2004

Dear All,

PrimCallController 1.0 is available via SqeakMap.
It is a - command line - tool with some value for testing plugins.

This is my first SqueakMap entry at all, hopefully I've gotten it right
(please raise your hands, if not!).


"Change Set:		PrimCallController 1.0
Date:			16 June 2004
Author:			Stephan Rudlof
Audience:		(plugin) developers, SUnitTest writers
Requires:		Squeak3.7beta (may work with older versions)

A PrimCallController (PCC) serves for switching external prim calls
(primitiveExternalCall) on and off: this is helpful for e.g. testing of
plugins. Dis/en-abling prims by a PCC works for *both* internal and
external modules!
This package contains two concrete PCCs using totally different
mechanisms for dis/en-abling prims, each has its value (see below).

- First release bundled with many SUnitTests; therefrom I think it is

Excerpt from the class comment of PrimCallControllerAbstract

A PrimCallController (PCC) serves for switching external prim calls
(primitiveExternalCall) on and off: this is an abstract class,
instantiate one of the subclasses PCCByLiterals and PCCByCompilation.

External prim calls are used to access internal and external modules
(plugins) as shown by
	SmalltalkImage current listLoadedModules.
	SmalltalkImage current listBuiltinModules.
Note: not loaded external modules (since they have not been called so
far) are not shown by these methods.

Highlight: dis/en-abling prims by a PCC works for both internal and
external modules!

To help you choosing the right subclass, some properties are listed in
the following table:

<please look into the cs preamble for more>"
Stephan Rudlof (sr at evolgo.de)
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    You can't simply say, 'Today I will be brilliant.'"
    -- Kirk, "The Ultimate Computer", stardate 4731.3

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