Default UI preferences for 3.7

Doug Way dway at
Thu Jun 17 04:57:32 UTC 2004

On Wednesday, June 16, 2004, at 09:05 PM, Raymond Asselin wrote:

> Le 2004/06/16, Doug Way <dway at> écrivait :
> Hi Doug,  I think we should go with 32 bits for the display depth, 
> don't
> you ?

Good point, I'll add that one to the list.  Offhand, I'd say yes, we 
should switch to 32 bits.

- Better rendering of colors, of course
- Faster graphics performance for most, because most people will have 
their OS display depth set to 32 bits, and performance is usually best 
when the Squeak depth matches the OS depth

- For those who have their OS display depth set to 16 bits, Squeak 
might show up as a black screen if the Squeak depth is 32 bits. (I've 
seen this on some platforms, anyway.)  However, these days very few 
people have their OS display depth set to 16 bits...

- Doug

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