[ENH][FIX] BrowseCodeFilesFix-nk ( [er] Works well for code file = .cs and .st files )

raymondasselin at sympatico.ca raymondasselin at sympatico.ca
Fri Jun 18 02:07:05 UTC 2004

In a 5954 image. I loaded first 'FileListServicesForDirectories-nk' and
after 'BrowseCodeFilesFix-nk' open FileList via world menu try the local
menu for the volume section. Was there, selected 'browse code file'
tried three  file patterns '*.st' and '*.cs' and '*'.  The two first one
work fine without problem.  The last one didn't finish, and without
error message nothing open (there were two .image and two .change in the
directory) except I had to make a 'restore display' to see that
everything was finish because de progressBar was showing forever. Is
this an indication of spaceless condition? 

 I changed the directory and pick package-cache and select 'browse code
file' with '*' as pattern.  Squeak process everything (with progress bar
showing) and open a Code Browser with nothing in it !!! The files were
'.mcz'...as it is in the package-cache.
Same behavior for '.morph'  '.jpeg' '.gif' files....

So my conclusion is:  for code, as it is labelled, this Fix work well,
open multi-files at once in a CodeBrowser. Do not handle subdir...files.

For other type of files this Fix would gain to do nothing at all, nor
displaying 'Parsing' nor displyaing 'Processing'...

Or change the name of the Fix for something like 'Smart Browsing' and
add with it the services to handle all type of files...I means to unzip
'.zip', to display '.png' '.gif' etc...  :)
But for now...this is left as an exercise to the user.  ;-)

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