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Ken Causey ken at
Fri Jun 18 15:34:03 UTC 2004

WARNING WARNING - avert your eyes.  Non-smalltalk, non-OO code attached.

Raymond, find attached a collection of Python scripts that make up the
BFAV Server (along with an MTA and HTTPD server) as well as several
utility scripts I've used to manage the server content.  You are welcome
to all of it but there is no documentation.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you simply ignore this code and
implement your system in another fashion, perhaps utilizing an OODB.

On the other hand, it's not clear to me what you're goal is, but the
BFAV Server is open to everyone, not just developers.  The BFAV server
does not restrict email reception based on the sending email address in
any way.  Any user can submit comments.  Perhaps you feel that the
existing client utilities don't address a user's needs.  A different
client system can be built over the existing model quite easily.  I
recommend you speak with Frank Shearar and Tom Koenig the current BFAV

If you persist in wanting to setup your own BFAV2 server clone and need
assistance let me know.  It would probably be best to arrange some time
that we can speak on IRC.


On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 20:02, Raymond Asselin wrote:
> I would like to create my own BFAV server. 
> Is the code avalaible somewhere? In fact I want to use it to collect
> bugs and status of these for a system at my work and let peoples
> comment and give their 'appréciation' of these bugs from the point of
> view of users.  So if users write their appreciations and mail them to a
> kind of 'BFAV server',  may be a small group of people can use the
> BFAV client to follow the status of these bugs ?  This is not for
> Smalltalk purpose but anyway this seem a good tool...
> Ken ...?
> Raymond
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