Pretty Print bug?

Bill Schwab BSchwab at
Fri Jun 18 18:08:47 UTC 2004

After trying to unsuccessfully get the bug happening, I gave up only to see it a few minutes later. All I did was start typing a new line in an existing method (I was refactoring code), I deleted the couple of characters I had written and accepted the method. Now if I select anything else and come back to this method it read exactly how I typed it! Wierdness and bloody annoying as it happens while I am debugging. I have to click on something else and back or it could save and I lose comments and variable names (had it happen )

I am probably off the mark here, but this reminds me of something that has long bothered me.  Syntax error messages are sometimes not adequately redrawn, and I have frequently found that things did not work, then finally noticed a portion of some text where it didn't belong - on encouraging the screen to redraw, an error message appeared.  Could your problem be related?

Off topic, is there an option to disable warnings re sending unimplemented selectors?  Sometimes I get on a roll and have that feature/bug (depending on my purpose at the time) get in my way. 


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