Accessing Excel sheets

Ned Konz ned at
Fri Jun 18 21:38:42 UTC 2004

On Friday 18 June 2004 12:00 pm, Guenther Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to develop an application that needs to access MS Excel
> spreadsheets.
> I am very new to Smalltalk - Squeak and Morphic but I nevertheless think
> that I'll manage to write that app in Squeak, the biggest obstacle right
> know is accessing those spreadsheets, no clue sofar.
> Any tip would be truly appreciated,

Diego Gomez Deck has written an OpenOffice importer that imports the zipped 
XML spreadsheet (and other) files from Open Office. (I think; he's at least 
done the word processor and presentation program).

Open Office can read Excel.

You can run Open office (oocalc) from Squeak to do the conversion, probably 
(may have to write a macro in their Basic (?) to do it)

Putting it all together gives you something that's going to support more than 
just the data (including fonts, etc.)

If just the data is important, there's a number of other ways to do it (as 
suggested, CSV is easy to parse).

Ned Konz

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