Accessing Excel sheets

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One other idea might be to use the ODBC package to get at
the data.

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Thank you all.

I had hoped there would be a way to access at least the data from the 
excel sheets directly via squeak without the need to convert the files 

At this time I rather doubt I'd be able to write my own parser for excel 
sheets in squeak ;-). I had hoped somebody already had.

Anyway I reckon converting it into CSVs first is propably the most 
feasable option.

Squeak is very cool and it is far more consistent than anything I've 
tried sofar. (I had a go at Lisp, Scheme and .NET).


Kurt Thams wrote:
> FYI: You can generate a CSV text file, and if you give the filename
> extension ".xls", Excel will happily open it upon double-clicking.
> Of course, if you use CSV you can only put data in the fields, not
> and you can't do any formatting.
> -- kurt
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>>My first suggestion would be to export them from Excel in a well
>>understood format like CSV (comma-seperated value).
>>On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 14:00, Guenther Schmidt wrote:
>>>I need to develop an application that needs to access MS Excel
>>>I am very new to Smalltalk - Squeak and Morphic but I
>>nevertheless think
>>>that I'll manage to write that app in Squeak, the biggest
>>obstacle right
>>>know is accessing those spreadsheets, no clue sofar.
>>>Any tip would be truly appreciated,
>>>thank upfront

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