Pretty Print bug?

Boris Gaertner Boris.Gaertner at
Sat Jun 19 15:27:14 UTC 2004

"Bill Schwab" <BSchwab at> wrote:

> I am probably off the mark here, but this reminds me of something
> that has long bothered me. Syntax error messages are sometimes not
> adequately redrawn, and I have frequently found that things did not
> work, then finally noticed a portion of some text where it didn't
> belong - on encouraging the screen to redraw, an error message
> appeared.  Could your problem be related?

This is really a bothering imperfection. In january I tried to look
into this problem, but then I had to do other things and forgot
about it. Attached you find a method that betters the behavior
of the browser, but I am not convinced that this is already the
solution of the problem. Further work is probably needed.

Comments are wellcome.

Greetings, Boris
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