help with defining packages on Squeak Map

Stephan B. Wessels swessels at
Sat Jun 19 23:20:12 UTC 2004

Help fellow Squeakers,

I'm not aware of what I'm doing wrong, but I'm trying to accomplish a 
major update of all of my Squeak goodies, for Squeak 3.7.  I created 
new packages for each one, made sure each file to be downloaded was 
available on the Internet, and began to fill out individual releases 
pages on Squeak Map.

But I get an error each time I try to add/edit a package release.  I'm 
wondering if there's a problem using Safari on OS X?  I tried IE on OS 
X and it behaved the same way.  My suspicion is that something is not 
rendering correctly in the web browser and a field which must be chosen 
is not working correctly.  I uploaded a pdf showing the way the page 
looks just before I try and update.

There's a place on the web page where it says (in bold) "In each of the 
following mandatory categories a subcategory must be chosen:" but 
there's nothing to choose available.

Is this broken or am I doing something wrong?

  - Steve

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