Regular Expressions in Smalltalk?

Russell Penney russell.penney at
Sun Jun 20 10:43:42 UTC 2004

   I have looked at using the regex package but noticed by looking at other
code that it isn't really used in a lot of places. So I umm'd and errr'd and
decided to leave it alone for the moment.

So is it more efficient to use regex? Or is the ease of use/maintaining
better with regex? Inquiring minds wish to know :)

If it turns out that regex is better/faster/stronger than cobbling together
a parser, I would vote that Squeak had it included as standard (SMACC for
complex stuff and regex for simpler stuff)


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> > Hi,
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> > I need to take strings apart, and would need something like regex's.
> Load Andy Greenberg's Regular Expression Plugin package fomr SqueakMap.
> The plugin has been in the VMMaker for ages so your VM ought to already
> have it available. Gazillions of examples and test cases. Seems to work
> well.
> For anyone interested in such things, I can't help thinking it might be
> worth exploring how many places would benefit from using regexp where
> now they are using cobbled together parsing or tokenising etc.
> tim
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