Pending mac VM 3.7.4B1

Tim Rowledge tim at
Sun Jun 20 16:14:09 UTC 2004

John M McIntosh <johnmci at> wrote:

> I think Tim's work on the primitive call logic has increase sends/sec  
> performance.
> I know he saw a huge performance boost on RISC.
Yup - almost 2.5 times faster on the large benchmarks in the Benchmarks
package off SM. No change in bytecodes/sec since that isn't affected by
changes in prim calling, and a small improvement in the sends/sec test
for similar reasons. But if your time() like calls cost anything
noticeable and you're doing it up to three times for every prim
(including simple arithmetic & atputs) it adds up fast.

I'm still pretty sure that send/return could be several times faster
with work but I'm not about to start spending that sort of time unless
somebody pays.

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