Regular Expressions in Smalltalk?

Tim Rowledge tim at
Sun Jun 20 16:20:18 UTC 2004

Ned Konz <ned at> wrote:

> I'd love to see it included. However, the one that Andy Greenberg wrote and 
> that I've been maintaining on SqueakMap requires a plugin, and so people with 
> old VMs would have to update (the RePlugin is distributed with all the VMs 
> now, as far as I know).
RePlugin has been in the VM since 3.6 and everybody ought to be using at
least that by now. We can certainly decide to include it for 4.0 since
that will be a break that needs a new image and VM anyway.

> I should separate the pieces so that people without VMMaker could load the 
> package...
If you've taken over looking after it, do please remove the plugin code
from the main package. For now it's in VMMaker but at some point we
need to have dependencies on SM for b3d, replugin, etc etc

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