Locking Squeak from users

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sun Jun 20 19:12:07 UTC 2004

On squeak map there is a package that does exactly what you want (the 
user cannot get access to world menu) but the name slips my mind. Look 
in the mail archive since this topic has been already discussed.


On 20 juin 04, at 20:46, Kenneth Johnsen wrote:

> I have made a small application that I'd like to install on a few user 
> machines.
> I kinda like the idea of leaving everything (from a basic 3.6 image), 
> so I can debug and change stuff at the customer's site.
> But I don't like the idea of users having access to the World menu and 
> being able to move Morphs around.
> Can I "lock" the image (maybe with a password), so that users will 
> only be able to use the application (a Morphic project), and not use 
> the underlying Squeak?
> Regards,
> Kenneth.

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