[FIX] SuppressControlKeyInBrowser-nk ( [er][et][sm][cd] Should be included, but another MVC bug has to be fixed for working there. )

sr at evolgo.de sr at evolgo.de
Mon Jun 21 18:09:35 UTC 2004

This is my first review and my first via the BFAV tool: so I hope not to
make many mistakes in content, form or style...

The changeset works for me with Morphic. MVC makes problems, because of
another bug (see below).


> Now that we have the 'what to show' menu, the use of the control key to
> display decompilation without temps and the use of the shift key to
> display decompilation can be replaced with a single modifier key in the
> 'show decompiled' code holder views.

> This avoids the surprising and mystifying behavior upon accidentally
> accepting a method with Ctrl-Alt-S, which can on some platforms display
> a decompiled method with no temp names.

> This change set:
> * removes sensitivity to Ctrl and Shift keys in all but the 'show
> decompiled' mode of the various browsers

> * factors all of the decompilation display logic into a single method

> * retains backwards compatibility with other browsers

> * makes the 'what to show' menu also work in MVC (so as not to lose the
> ability to display decompiled methods in the MVC environment)
No: this menu does *not* work for me before and after filing in the
But this is another bug: ActiveHand isn't set somewhere and I've gotten
a walkback.

> * makes the display of decompiled code *without* temp names be the only
> special key sequence: if you're already displaying decompiled methods
> and hold the shift down when you select a method, you will see the
> decompilation without the temp names.
Nice: For my system the Control/Meta sequences are triggering other
things (Control->yellowButtonMenu) as decompilation without temp names,
and now this works for me the first time.



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