undefined symbol: shutdownModule

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Jun 22 21:08:58 UTC 2004

Martin Kuball <MartinKuball at web.de> wrote:

> But what module is "136266512"? Some time ago I saw a similar message 
> with a real module name which I could identify in the sources. But 
> there is no module named "136266512".
> Besides that I got the impression that the image is not saved after 
> this error.
It's never been an image=stopping error on any *nix machine I've used.
All it is is that when shutting down the plugin code looks to see if a
plugin specific function needs running. In Ian's code it prints out the
unfound function's name and the module handle. No error, no emergency

  if ((fn == 0) && (!sqIgnorePluginErrors)
      && strcmp(lookupName, "initialiseModule")
      && strcmp(lookupName, "shutdownModule")
      && strcmp(lookupName, "setInterpreter")
      && strcmp(lookupName, "getModuleName"))
    fprintf(stderr, "ioFindExternalFunctionIn(%s, %d):\n  %s\n",
	    lookupName, moduleHandle, dlerror());

That's all.

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