Celeste for Squeak 3.7 [ANN]

Germán S. Arduino gsa at softhome.net
Tue Jun 22 22:39:59 UTC 2004

Hi Giovanni:

Yes, a problem exist when no previous DB is open.

Now, after several walkbacks, I've the DB open, but some errors naming
"category" are yet in my image.

By now no more time to more tests, but if I find another thing I will write.

Good Work!


"Giovanni Giorgi" <jj at objectsroot.com> escribió en el mensaje
news:40D870A0.3000709 at objectsroot.com...
> Hi all!
>     I got a truck of work :( and I was very very busy but I come back
> earlier today :)
> I have just relase Celeste 1.23!
> Version Comment:
> This relase is for the forthcoming Squeak 3.7.
> It is only a mantenance release, a more powerful version will follow.
> Feature:
>  + AddressBook is now integrated
>  + A new Preference Panel was added and will be filled with proper
> preferences in the future. For example, will allow managine multiple
> accounts or an auto  mailing list filter I am evaluting...
>  + Some minor fix need to be fixed: opening a blank db can fail.
> Tested on Squeak 3.7b rev5948 and rev5963
> RoadMap:
> I plan to reduce the category menu length moving some options to the
> preferences (at least a bit!): it is too too long!!!
> I plan to add a smart filter to automatically filtering mailing list
> (mailman and egroups use a magic header we can relay on to auto filter
> them).
> I am also planning to multi accounts support, altrought it will require
> more work.
> Give me your feedback!
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