ToDo List for 3.7

Doug Way dway at
Tue Jun 22 23:03:33 UTC 2004

I was just cleaning up the "ToDo List for 3.7" on the swiki, and noticed 
a section at the beginning called "Important items to go in 3.7beta".  I 
think maybe Stephane added these... anyway I'll answer here what I think 
the current status of these are:

    * Color in List
fixed, update 5435.

    * fix default sounds
hm, not sure what this means.  Wait, this must be the default 
SoundService thing, which was fixed, update 5815.

    * file system low level function (andreas recent fixes)
I think this was the ChangeRecord cleanup, which had a conflict which 
was never fixed, and should probably wait for 3.8alpha at this point.

    * interpreter simulator fixes
This is outside of the basic image.  The owner of the appropriate 
package (VMMaker?) will need to do this... maybe it's already been done.

    * refstream of ted
Close call... I assume this is "[FIX] RefStrmObsolCls-tk" which was 
posted on 3-4-04.  This looks like a smallish enough change that perhaps 
it could be squeezed in for 3.7 if someone can give it a good review.

So, aside from this, the "ToDo List for 3.7" page is now up to date, and 
3.7gamma/3.8alpha will be arriving any day now...

- Doug

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