[ENH] CharacterTimes-rsb

Brian Rice water at tunes.org
Wed Jun 23 06:30:30 UTC 2004

I suppose you deserve a better reply than my latest. Basically after 
the long rhetorical diarrhea about Hebrew, I was fairly revolted, and 
had a difficult time even looking at the several pages following it. I 
also do not particularly care for your interpretation or selection of 
operator. It can be whatever I like, because you are not here to write 
code; you're here to debate.

You may be wise and experienced, but this is not a debate hall or a 
lecture hall at a university, and it is not polite to reply to every 
sentence with a paragraph or a full thesis.

To address your questions: my presence on the Squeak list as a Slate 
author is that Slate is intended to encompass every existing Squeak 
role at some point. Slate has to abide by Squeak philosophies and 
support everything that Squeakers want to do, simply because I want to 
do all those things and believe that Squeak goes about them in entirely 
the wrong way. I actually believe that Slate is exactly what Squeak 
should be focussing on for the far future, in Alan Kay's terms and even 
in practice. Also, I'd be a fool not to be here to record improvements 
here and adapt them to Slate or at least note the contrast.

Everything else, I could care less about. You gave the full code for an 
idiom I do not care for. I rejected it. copied: means 
concatenatedTimes: so it is a totally unsuitable selector. I shall use 
concatenatedTimes: and also implement copySize: in the manner alluded 

As for my reaction, perhaps it would not have happened, and I would 
have read the content more thoroughly and with higher regard and 
precision of understanding if I didn't have to wade through so bloody 
much of it.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development

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