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Ferdinand Strixner strixner at
Wed Jun 23 13:35:24 UTC 2004


I had the same problem. Here are two messages that describe a workaround: 

Let's hope for an official croquet beta release in the not too distant 
future, the TeaPaint solution that's used there is even more fun to play 
with than Pooh!


muyuubyou wrote:

> Hello. I've been trying several tutorials online. This one in
>particular is very simple:
>...but I couldn't get through it for some reason. When I try to
>"create a Pooh object" it yells at me "MessageNotUnderstood:
>I'm using a recent VM Squeak 3.6 (Full) . I've only tried this example
>in my office win2000 computer. I've been playing at home with my
>Debian-Linux machine too, but haven't tried this. I will do later.
>Thanks in advance.

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