SHOUT request for new preference

Andrew Tween amtween at
Wed Jun 23 16:52:10 UTC 2004

> I would like to suggest a small change in SHOUT settings. While SHOUT is
> an extraordinary tool in browsers, it may be somewhat intrusive in
> workspaces: often I use a workspace to display some text which is not
> code at all. When SHOUT is enabled, such text gets wrongly
> syntax-highlighted.

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes, I also find it annoying sometimes, and I was the one who did it :>)

> While the best way to deal with this would be I guess to define a
> per-workspace setting (such as the existing 'create textual reference to
> dropped morphs' toggle), it would be nice to at least have a specific
> setting for disabling SHOUT in workspace, ...

I am inclined to remove Syntax Highlighting from Workspaces altogether.
And create a separate ShoutWorkspace, with syntax highlighting enabled,
which is accessible from the World, open... menu.
So, if one is planning to type some text, one can open a standard workspace.
However, if one is planning to type some code, one might decide to use a
ShoutWorkspace instead.

The ShoutWorkspace could also be in a separate package, as an optional
add-on for only those that want it.
(Much like the Monticello, Whisker etc. Shout add-ons).

How does that sound?

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