Diego Tiscornia diegobt at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 24 12:53:19 UTC 2004

Hi ben, sorry I didn't answer before.
Yes, you are right about the typo :/ thx
Yes I think you got the FFi part working (for odbc, if you get that error)
When you I got ODBCError, I debugged it and found out that the 
ODBCConnection object hadn't got an open connection, which meant it 
couldn't establish one, as my connection string was ok, (dsn, usr, pwd) 
  it turned out the problem was with iodbc and/or odbc.ini. What does 
the debugger tell you?

By the way, I couldn't get the iodbc that shipped with mi mac to work, 
so I got bored and installed unixodbc from the fink distro, made that 
work and everything worked fine.

hope this helps!

Ben Schroeder wrote:
> Hi Diego,
> Thanks for posting your advice!  I now almost have ODBC working on my Mac.
> I did see one typo in your instructions -
>>1 from a terminal create an odbc.framework directory.
>>(sudo mkdir /System/Library/Frameworks/odbc.framework)
> should I think say "libiodbc.framework", as that is the name used later.
> (The same is true for step 2.)
>>2 symlink the iodbc library into the newly created directory
>>ln -s /usr/lib/libiodbc.dylib \
>>  /System/Library/Frameworks/odbc.framework/libiodbc
> I am still getting an error - maybe you have seen something like it.  I have
> installed FreeTDS, to connect to an MS SQL Server, and have configured iODBC
> to use it.  The connection works with iODBC's 'odbctest' program.
> When I try to use my DSN from Squeak, I always get an ODBCError with no
> detailed error message, at initial connection time.  Have you had this
> happen?  What are some possible sources of trouble I could look for?
> I think it is finding the library, as it gave me a different message when it
> could not.
> Thanks much,
> Ben Schroeder

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