[ANN] Ambrai Smalltalk on mac OSX

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Fri Jun 25 19:59:26 UTC 2004

On Jun 25, 2004, at 8:33 AM, Michael Latta wrote:

> Not bad at all for a first beta!  Also because it uses native UI 
> elements it feels FAR faster than Squeak.  Obviously because it uses 
> native UI elements you can not change them.

Yes, although I think we can do much better at native OS X UI in Squeak 
with the Objective C bridge, because we have access to the full AppKit 
class library rather than going through the C API as Ambrai does.  
There are lots of nice things about Ambrai, but I'm bewildered that 
they chose to use Carbon instead of Cocoa for the UI.

For those of us who care about such things, I think there's potentially 
a very nice model there for commercial use of Squeak: develop web apps 
on OS X using a native UI environment, and then deploy headless on 
linux or any other platform you care for.


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