a little sugestion about squeak aesthetics

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Sat Jun 26 15:48:43 UTC 2004

Very interesting question.  The information displayed is, of course, the
name of the file that provides backing store for your current world of
objects.  This is exactly analogous to Mozilla having a title bar like
"Mozilla - The Squeak Home Page".

Still, it would probably be nice if it says "Squeak" as well as the
filename.  Also, I notice that it spells the filename out in full, if
you have specified an absolute filename, and that seems like overkill. 
And finally, it may be worth leaving off the image filename if it is the
default "squeak.image".

By the way, it is weird to use images with names like
"Squeak2.8beta.image".  Once you save it, the image is no longer a
2.8beta image, but is a custom image that you have created.  I vastly
prefer a title like "squeak.image" if you have no more specific name to
use, and I'm happy that inisqueak on Unix encourages this convention. 
If I see a file whose name is Squeak2.8beta.image I would very much like
that file to be an *image* for *Squeak* version *2.8beta*, and not a
derivative of it.

Anyway, just thoughts.  What do people think?  The above 2-3 changes
should be *extremely* easy to imoplement if someone wants to play around
with VM hacking hint hint....  :)


PS -- no, you can't control the windowbar title from Squeak.  Note that
in many cases there is no window bar, e.g. if you are running directly
on a framebuffer device.

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