a little sugestion about squeak aesthetics

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Sun Jun 27 19:30:17 UTC 2004

Tim wrote:
> The first thing that anyone should do after starting a 'virgin' image
> is save in their local directory under a sensible name. That way your
> virgin image stays pure (with the minor pollution in the changes file)
> and you have a clean base to return to. I would claim that the
> delivered image ought to insist on being saved locally ASAP.

Nice idea.  A simple implementation is that "save" will pop up a warning
if your filename is in one of the canonical forms like
Squeak3.6beta.image.  Responses to the warning would include "yes, save
it", "choose a different name", and "never mind".

> > Anyway, just thoughts.  What do people think?  The above 2-3 changes
> > should be *extremely* easy to imoplement if someone wants to play around
> > with VM hacking hint hint....  :)
> RISC OS Squeak provides two init options to help application
> deployment; you can specifiy a window title to replace the default
> image name and you can specify a 'task name' which is what the user
> would see in the ROS equivalent of 'ps'. 


> Along with replacing the
> appropriate icons used for the filetype, application bundle directory
> and task bar you get to pretend that your app is not even Squeak.

If you have the time, Tim, you might want to add an entry to the
Distributing Programs page on the Swiki, with info for customizing an
app on RiscOS:

The particular issue you describe is important for people who want to
write a standalone application in Squeak.  To put it a different way,
they'd like to "pretend" that their app is their app; calling it Squeak
is inaccurate when someone has added 100klocs of code and ended up with
something that looks nothing like Squeak.

It would also be nice if people wrote up the necessary instructiions for
doing this on Unix, Mac, and Windows.  On Mac OS/X you can probably use
the same approach.  On Windows you can probably link in a different
icon.  On Unix....  I dunn, it probably requires some source hacking
right now.


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